Efficient & Reliable Transportation

WELCOME TO 48 Logistix

We are 48 Logistix, a fully operational third-party logistics company (3PL) here to meet all your transportation and fulfillment needs.

If your business is unable to keep up with a high demand for transportation and fulfillment needs you’ve come to the right place. Servicing all 48 states in the contiguous United States, our deliveries always arrive on time and our excellent customer service and affordable pricing can’t be beat.

48 Logistix works with both the shipper and the carrier to ensure all transportation needs are met. Whether we’re streamlining a scheduled truck load or an expedited delivery, our services are guaranteed to be accurate and on time every time. 

All of our drivers are expertly trained and fully licensed. With years of experience and quality, 48 Logistix is your number one choice for a reliable third-party logistics provider. For a full list of our services, scroll below. 


  • Flatbed services
  • Hot shot services
  • Van service
  • Partial truckload
  • Multi-leg deliveries
  • Refrigerated goods
  • Construction services
  • Same day delivery
  • Expedited services
  • Outsourced transportation management and logistics
  • Freight brokerage service
  • Step deck service
  • Truckload sourcing
  • Heavy Hauling, heavy transport, and oversized/over dimensional loads
  • Project logistics including project cargo, project planning
  • Inbound logistics
  • Outbound logistics
  • 3rd Party logistics
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics management including logistics services and logistics provider
  • Freight solutions
  • Load planning
  • Domestic logistics, 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

What Makes 48 Logistix Different?

Faster Deliveries

An increase in supply and demand can add stress to any growing company. How will orders be delivered on time while other things require attention? At 48 Logistix, we understand that your time is precious and we’ll do everything in our power to provide you with faster delivery. Whether you’re shipping and receiving across coastlines or just a few states away, your delivery will arrive faster and more accurately than ever before.​

Wide Variety of Freight Services

We understand that no two businesses or orders are the same. Whether you’re a small or large business, we have a wide variety of freight services to choose from. Temperature controlled shipments, partial and full loads, 48’ and 53’ trailers – our freight services are designed to meet your individual needs.

Unsurpassed Technology

At 48 Logistix, we implement advanced technology to communicate with our drivers and customers. By keeping up with the latest technology and softwares, we’re able to accurately track and stay in touch with our carriers during all freight movements.

We Simplify All Transportation & Fulfillment Needs

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Our team will coordinate all aspects of transportation for both the shipper and carrier. We’ll work with you to determine the best plan of transportation to satisfy both parties.


We provide transportation to all 48 states across North America whether a shipment is going from coast to coast or locally.

A truck driver is standing in a large parking lot in front of several large trucks.  He is facing the camera, and he is wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt, blue jeans, a brown belt and a gray hat.  He is holding a black tablet with his left hand.  There are six big rigs seen lined up behind him, going from left to right.  The large trucks all look the same, being all white and having silver grills and mirrors.  There are multiple cars seen parked to the right of the trucks.  A cloudy blue sky is seen in the background.


All of our carriers are fully licensed and reliable.

Your number one choice for first class logistics services.

48 Logistix is a 3PL company dedicated to meet all of your transportation and fulfillment needs.